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Custom Made Jewellery

We believe in recycling and find it satisfying to give your old jewellery a new life. We would either update the design to make it your style or we melt it and reuse the element and redesign it with existing stones or new stones. 

Blue Sapphire4_edited.jpg

White Gold Sapphire Ring

This was from 2 broken earrings melted and gold reused. We added in diamonds with a Sri Lanka Ceylon Blue Sapphire as a center stone.

Simple Wedding Band

This was originally a spinner ring with a combination of yellow and white gold. The husband's ring was very worn out and wife's ring was not worn at all as it did not fit. Melted the rings and made into new sets for their 20th wedding anniversary.

Wedding Ring_1.jpg

Flush Setting with 5 stones

This ring was a thinner band with coloured stones. Remelted and made into thicker band and reused some of the stones.

Huggie Clustered Eaerrings

This was originally a clustered diamond stud earrings. This was now redesigned to a huggie earrings reusing the existing clustered diamond as part of the design.

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